About Us

About us

Welcome to Recharge Duniya

Running out of prepaid balance in your mobile phones/DTH could be annoying & as well as irritating too. You might be on an important mission/subject, talking to a person who could be very important and the phone goes mute…. Imagine the loss you would be incurring!!!

God! This should not happen to you. And that is why we offer recharges at the click of your mouse.

Yes! Now, recharges of all mobile phones/DTH are available at the click of your mouse!!

Maybe you have heard the phrase, "success is not a destination, it's a journey." The interesting thing about that journey is that you get to be your own travel agent. It's entirely up to you if you wish to take the "scenic" route or if you choose to take a more direct approach. And it is the process of communication that takes you nearer to your success. Let it be mobile phones or DTH see that they don’t let you down and spoil your success!!